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Key benefits of the station upgrade

  • Three new lifts to provide accessible crosscorridor and platform access
  • Improved footbridge and stairs
  • New kiss and ride zones, accessible parking spaces and bus zones on Berkley Road (east and west) including seating and improved access paths
  • Upgraded station entrances with new pavements, pathways, and landscaping
  • Platform modifications, including new boarding assistance zones
  • New family accessible toilet, ambulant toilet and services rooms
  • Improved station power, services and communications
  • Additional station lighting and closed circuit television (CCTV)
The Unanderra Station Upgrade is one of several projects within the Transport Access Program that is applying the ISCA IS V1.2 rating tool and is targeting an Excellent rating.
This will be achieved through setting targets across key issues such as climate change adaptation and resilience, energy and carbon reduction, waste to landfill reduction, materials selected, supply chain management, community connection, social procurement, and workforce inclusivity.
For more information on Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia (ISCA) IS Rating Scheme please visit

Project Information

The Unanderra Station upgrade is being delivering for Transport for NSW is one of many Transport Access Program (TAP) projects ongoing around NSW.

Since receiving planning approval in late 2020, the contract for the design and construction of Unanderra Station upgrade has now been awarded to Degnan Constructions.
Investigations will be commencing in April 2021 to inform project design. Degnan are looking forward to providing the local community with an upgraded Unanderra Station.

TAP projects ensure a better experience for public transport customers by delivering modern, safe, and accessible infrastructure, especially to those with a disability or limited mobility and carers/parents with prams and customers with luggage.

  • Unanderra Station was opened in November 1887
  • Originally it was a private coal rail link from Mount Kembla to Port Kembla
  • The government took over the line from Unanderra to Port Kembla in 1912
  • The passenger service on this line began in 1919
  • The original Unanderra Station was a single-platform station complete with a single platform building and stationmaster?s residence.
  • The rail line through Unanderra was electrified in 1993