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Bulla Spoils Facility, located in Bulla, Victoria, is a purpose-built facility designed to accept, treat and safely dispose of material excavated by the tunnel boring machines on the West Gate Tunnel Project, one of the country’s biggest infrastructure projects. The facility was specifically designed to provide a bespoke solution to safely manage large amounts of wet soil excavated from the project, some of which is expected to contain low levels of PFAS. The facility has been designed to accept levels of contamination higher than what is expected from the Project.
The facility includes:
  • 59 holding bays made of high-strength hardstand with leach-proof lining, constructed in line with the Victorian Government’s Best Practice Environmental Guidelines.
  • A purpose-built water treatment plant that will remove contaminants found in the tunnelling material and return it to safe drinking levels.
  • An engineered containment cell with capacity to store over two million cubic metres of excavated material (far higher than what is needed for the Project).

Project Information

Degnan has successfully completed the delivery of the Hi-Quality Group’s Bulla Spoils Facility in Victoria. The facility is now complete and 100% operational, boasting a total of 58 storage bays, three ponds, a wastewater treatment plant and two containment cells.

Degnan has overseen this project’s design, construction and delivery, managing the Head Contract between Bulla Spoils Facility and Transurban, and collaborated with the Major Transport Infrastructure Authority, Environment Protection Authority Victoria and CPBJH Joint Venture.

Degnan managed the crucial design deliverables, conducted independent auditing and approvals, commissioned, and ensured the operational readiness of this purpose-built, industry-leading facility.

Our transparent, open, and robust processes in being able to always provide advice and guidance paved the way for to the Hi-Quality Group to engage us for this latest project.