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Lift & Escalator Upgrade Program

Degnan has completed and handed over lift upgrades at Gosford, Wollongong and Holsworthy stations, for Sydney Trains to enhance platform access. These projects demanded precision and expertise, ensuring minimal disruption for commuters and station operations.

Lifts are an important part of the Sydney Trains network to provide reliability and accessibility for commuters and the community. The old lifts have been replaced with more modern and advanced lifts that are more energy-efficient and can handle increased traffic, improving overall performance and reducing wait times for users.

Degnan experience with Sydney Trains extends over many years, based on collaboration and a commitment to excellence and an understand of the Sydney Trains requirements and regulations enables us to deliver these projects with minimal disruptions and achieve optimal results, ensuring a smooth and efficient operation for Sydney Trains and its passengers.


Degnan and Sydney Trains are committed to providing safe and updated lift and escalator services for ease of platform access; the next stations to receive upgrades include Gosford, Holsworthy, Town Hall and Wollongong stations.

Before their replacement or refurbishment, these projects typically involve design changes and alterations to the existing lift shafts and structural framework.

The key to the successful delivery of this type of project is genuine expertise and experience in working within an operational rail environment, as these projects often require extensive planning to ensure disruptions for commuters and station operations are minimal.