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Collaboration with disAbility at SGSCC

Our interactions with the disAbility group from St George Sutherland Community College (SGSCC) have been ongoing since day one of the Como Station Upgrade project, thanks to the commitment of our team, and the drive of Bronte Skeggs to involve as many SGSCC clients as possible on the project, offering them an opportunity to gain work experience outside of the normal offerings.

Our relationship with the SGSCC has grown from an initial Safety Walk with a handful of clients at the very beginning of the project, to an ongoing fortnightly Little Italy Cafe and now there are tools involved!

Earlier this month some of the Como Site staff teamed up with the SGSCC Woodworking team to create plywood formwork to refresh the planter boxes on the platform at Como Station.

Click here to watch the video

*Archived from 2021