Lawson Station Subway & Track Renewal

Degnan was engaged by Sydney Trains to undertake bridge renewal and platform resurfacing and refurbishment to both platforms at Lawson Station to provide enhanced safety and aesthetics for commuters and the local community.

The bridge renewal has meant the subway is now much safer for the community to utilise. The bridge runs over a pedestrian subway, an important part of the Lawson community providing access to the station, but also a connection between north and south Lawson which is divided by the railway.

The platform transformations have introduced a much brighter and more welcoming station, with new landscaping (which incorporates a much-treasured Japanese maple tree), new brickwork, better lighting, new seating and safety and accessible features.

To keep the station fully operational during a significant amount of planning and coordination was required by Degnan, Sydney Trains and station staff. This included several weekend possessions to carry out major activities including track removal and replacement and overhead wiring slewing.

This project commenced in June 2019 with majority of works completed during a -4-day Possession over the Christmas break in the peak of the catastrophic bush-fires, which meant further safety and control measures were required to proceed with approval from the Rural Fire Service.

Major activities included:

  • Reconditioning of the Up and Down Main 60m either end of the new subway;
  • Grade out reconstruction on Up Refuge Road from 95.977 to 96.037 and 96.041 to 96.101Km;
  • Installation of new 60kg rail replacing existing 53kg
  • Installation of medium duty concrete sleepers replacing existing timber
  • Lowering of the 11kV aerials to lift new precast concrete track panels into position
  • repairs to the existing brick arch structures
  • installation of soil nailing to the existing failing brick retaining wall
  • Resurfacing 200lm of platform
  • New station furniture & lighting
  • Overhaul of drainage system
  • Removal of existing landscaping then replaced with new