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Our People

Established by Graeme in 1979, Degnan’s success has been built on our people. Graeme, Chris and Carly believe in the importance of family values, which underpins the company philosophy and culture. At Degnan it is important that all employees feel respected, safe and equally valued within the team. We are committed to integrity and excellence, always working with the best people, ideas and materials.

Our focus is to create and deliver projects for our clients and the community, which enhance their environment, add value and ensure the highest quality is achieved.

Chris Degnan
Carly Degnan
Graeme Degnan
Peter Stavroulakis
David Fazio
Ben Daly
Managing Director

Chris Degnan

With more than 18 years’ industry experience working alongside the NSW Government and their agencies. Chris is approachable, driven and passionate about client and staff engagement.

Realistic and adaptable, Chris’ capacity for driving successful project outcomes has helped to shape Degnan’s reputation across multiple industry sectors. Lead by Chris, our team provides certainty in delivery, quality, safety and success.

Chris’ personal approach means you will see him at numerous design and construction meetings as well as consultative site inspections.

Financial Officer

Carly Degnan

Carly has been an integral part of Degnan since she joined the team in 2006. Coming from an accounting background, she joined Degnan to help drive the family business and deliver client needs.

As well as her role as Financial Controller, Carly has been responsible for developing company procedure, implementing marketing strategies and overseeing substantial company growth.

Her ability to generate innovative and effective management solutions has resulted in trusting and respectful relationships with clients, contractors and all levels of staff at Degnan.

Executive Director

Graeme Degnan

Graeme is the Founder of Degnan; with over 40 years’ experience he has proven to be a visionary leader in the construction industry.

Since establishing the team in 1979 and building a strong working relationship with the NSW Government, Graeme has led the business with a hands-on approach, delivering numerous major infrastructure projects across NSW.

Graeme brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to Degnan and manages a team of skilled professionals to drive corporate direction with his passion for innovation and construction.

Commercial Manager

Peter Stavroulakis

As the Commercial Manager, Peter is committed to client satisfaction through collaborative project delivery that is on-time and on-budget.

Peter has consistently managed rail, energy, public works, commercial and residential projects for Degnan over the past 20 years. He leads our projects with a depth of knowledge and level of expertise that ensures maximum productivity and optimal results are always delivered.

He is responsible for managing contract deliverables and overseeing the project team to ensure the commercial and compliance aspects are being met in accordance with the contract.

Peter consistently works with his team to develop the unique skillset required to maximise productivity and deliver client needs.

Construction Director

David Fazio

With over 25 years of experience, David is a committed construction professional who heavily invests in the planning strategy and delivery processes of every project.

As Construction Director, David takes the lead in the design and planning phase of our projects, ensuring minimal disruption to the community while delivering effective and safe results. His attention to detail and innovative construction methodologies have consistently delivered significant time and cost savings, offering benefits to clients, customers and the community.

David has developed and implemented successful delivery strategies for TfNSW, Sydney Trains, AusGrid, Department of Education and multiple residential clients. David is highly committed to collaboration, teamwork and clear communication. He continuously brings a strong knowledge of construction to the Degnan team.

Projects Director

Ben Daly

Ben is a highly skilled professional with over 25 years’ experience across a diverse range of construction sectors; including rail and ports infrastructure projects, Federal Government and community facilities, residential and aged care developments.

Actively involved in planning, Ben has been integral in achieving clients’ objectives. As one of our key representatives, Ben guides the Degnan teams to ensure successful design and delivery of projects.

Teamed with his vast experience, Ben’s exceptional communication skills creates a positive environment for client design development, building solid foundations for success and collaboration.